Does Getty Image Pricing Fit All Levels of Budget?

Jan 17

With Getty Images, you can find and discover stock footage easily. It does not only boasts the highest quality collection in the industry. It also has a comprehensively organized library that allows you to find the right stock footage for your needs. Most of all, it offers Getty Image pricing that is surely worth every penny.

Getty Images offers two buying options: a la carte and Ultrapacks. With a la carte, you can buy stock footage with or without a Getty account. However, having an account does have its perks such as adding charges to your account, getting invoiced later or deducting the costs from your credit card. Without an account, you can only purchase footages with a credit card.

On the other hand, Getty introduced a new, simplified way to purchase stock footage. Ultrapacks are bulk item packs that come at discounted prices. You pay for the pack upfront, then you can download the footage whenever you want. Here are some features of the packs that make it worth your money:

  • Each pack cuts a percentage from the original a la carte
  • The larger the pack, the greater discount is offers.
  • The footage downloads never expire.
  • Clips are already paid for, so can select and buy clips faster and easier.
  • They can be used to download Royalty-Free videos, but not Editorial footage.

If you need more than a couple of videos for your creative projects, Ultrapacks is the best option for you. Because they come different volume sizes, they can fit all budget levels. You can buy packs of 5, 10, 15 or 25 footages that are divided by image resolution. When you purchase a larger pack with High Resolution, you can get as much as 30% discount. That represents thousands of dollars of savings.

Getty Images is a great option to buy high quality stock footage. Although it is more expensive than microstock agencies, the quality and uniqueness of the footage add value to your project.

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