How Cheap Stock Images can help your Business?

Oct 15

Images Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign

stock photographerStock imagery, no matter where you get it from, can make or break any marketing campaign of yours. As a marketer, I’m sure your eye is just as keen as mine when we browse the Internet and see poor marketing campaigns.

Many people use images that are distracting and take away from the primary focus of the article, blog post or Web page. Others still, use images for nothing more than decoration. Take just a moment and think about why you’re adding any particular image to your projects. If you use the wrong image, you could very quickly and easily transmit the wrong message. Don’t worry – you wouldn’t be the first one to do so. However, if you do send the wrong message, it will probably be your job to clean up the mess.

Cheap Is Not an Indication of Quality

cheap stock photos in the internet

Cheap images are not an indication of quality. Free images might be an indication of quality, but not cheap ones. You still pay for cheap images. By paying for the image, you’re probably paying for a royalty-free license. Although this may limit how the images used, it does one thing in the background. For every image you purchase, stock photo agencies (check out Stock Photo Secrets as they have listed the top 5 stock photo agencies) turn around and pay a commission to the artist – the professional photographer. This provides an incentive for the photographer to create more professionally curated images.

This business model is not new. This model is actually the reason why stock agencies often have between 40 million and 60 million images in their libraries. Professional photographers continually add new files to those libraries on a daily basis. Cheap images do not have cheap quality. They are still professional photos.

Do You Have a Reason to Use an Image?

Do you have a reason to use a picture for your project? It’s been said before that adding images to text can make it more engaging. Have you added images simply to make the text easier to read?

Images Are Meant to Enhance

Images are adjunct when they are being added to text. They are secondary. If you have a blog post that is full of uninteresting, boring and irrelevant information, it doesn’t matter how many interesting images you add to it. It will not be read. Images are designed to enhance your message. When your image reinforces your message, your message will reach more people.

Images Are Meant to Sell

sell stock photos online

Images are primary selling tools. However, if you don’t actually photograph your product, then don’t pretend that you did with a stock photo. People can see right through that. However, stock photos can still be used to help you sell your products. Depending on your product, you may be able to find a picture of someone who is happily using a product very similar to yours. If you can’t find that, then do what Coke does in their commercials.

When you see a Coke commercial, what feeling are you left with? You see, Coke is well aware that their flagship product has a hard time standing up on its own – it is nothing more than caffeinated sugar water. Don’t get me wrong, I love Coke. In fact, I’m an avid vintage Coke product collector. So what does Coke do that is so effective?

They associate images and activities that invoke positive feelings within the viewer with their product. You can take any Coke commercial and see people running through parks on a sunny day, spending the holidays together as a family, or other images that invoke positive feelings. How do they associate it? When you look at a Coke commercial, they’re very careful with their timing. At the very end of the commercial, after you have all these images fresh in your mind, they show their bright red logo.

If you have a hard time using images to sell your product, then use your stock photos to associate positive feelings with your product. It works – Coke does it all the time.

Images Can Direct People’s Attention

Did you know that images have the ability to direct your visitors attention? It’s true. You see, there are three visual things that people cannot resist:

  • The gaze of other people
  • Finding out where an arrow points
  • Following an object’s line of sight

When you want to direct the attention of someone who’s visiting your Web page, you can use images of people who are looking at your focal point. If you want to use a vector image, use an arrow. If an object appears to be pointing at something, your audience won’t be able to help themselves by looking at the same object.

Use Images of Real People

By using images of real people, you’re adding the human aspect to your business. It’s often called, “humanizing your business.” People love this because it shows that real people are behind the face of a corporation. It enables people to connect in a way that is otherwise impossible.

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There’s Never Been a More Important Time to Get Your DepositPhotos Coupon 2015

Sep 12

depositphotos-logoFor a while now, we have been excited to offer a unique discount code for users interested in checking out the offerings over at  The website offers some great prices, good functionality, and a varied and rich library of imagery to choose from, and we’ve been happy to help new users discover all the ways that the stock photo vendor can help meet their stock photography needs.  But now, we are even more excited to announce that there’s never been a better time to utilize’s 2015 DepositPhotos coupon.  Read on for how to redeem our DepositPhotos coupon 2015 edition, as well as our thoughts on why it’s a better time now than ever to do so.

DepositPhotos Site Relaunch: Better Look, Better Functionality

While the old DepositPhotos site offered a whole lot of functionality and some top notch photography to its fans, there were a few things about the site that just didn’t look or feel right.  Outdated color schemes, a boxy and unappealing layout, and an unusual site design all turned new users away from the original DepositPhotos site.  But now, their site has been relaunched, and it looks and feels a lot more like other modern stock photo vendors.  Everything from the color scheme to the site design and layout has been revamped to make DepositPhotos inviting and easier on the eyes.  But a new look isn’t the only reason why now is a better time than ever to utilize your 2015 DepositPhotos coupon.

In addition to their graphic redesign, DepositPhotos also added a lot of great functionality with their relaunch.  In their search function, you can now limit results based on image orientation, choosing between landscape and portrait images to find only the best stock photos that meet your project’s needs.  Additionally, DepositPhotos has greatly increased their editorial image offering as of late, but editorial images can’t be used for the commercial purposes that many business owners need.  Which is why they also added a new function to limit search results to only editorial or non-editorial pictures, so you can be sure you won’t fall in love with an image that isn’t licensed for commercial purposes.

The final new big improvement with their new site that makes it a perfect time to cash in that DepositPhotos 2015 coupon is that now, DepositPhotos displays well and is fully optimized for mobile browsing.  Their new mobile responsive site makes it easy to find the right images for projects on the go, as all of their imagery displays brilliantly and in full high definition on your phone screen.

Great Value, Great Selection

In addition to the new relaunch features listed above, there are a number of reasons why DepositPhotos has been a favorite agency of stock photo fans for some time now.  Starting with selection, DepositPhotos has a world class library with all of the stock photo offerings that you could hope for.  Their library is well organized and easy to browse, and features a broad selection of commercially licensed images to meet all of your business needs.

Plus, their prices are very reasonable for their world class image offerings and sleek easy to use interface.  Even without our unique coupon, DepositPhotos is reasonably priced, with subscription rates that are competitive with other leading sites.  But check out just how powerful our DepositPhotos coupon’s 2015 edition is, and you will see why it’s the perfect time to cash it in.

5 Free Images and 15% Off With DepositPhotos Coupon 2015 Edition


All you have to do to receive our unique DepositPhotos coupon code is visit the StockPhotoSecrets DepositPhotos landing page.  Once you’ve done that, you will be prompted to register for a new account, and asked for account details to create your new profile.  After just a few short questions, you will have a new DepositPhotos account, with 5 free image credits in your account thanks to our 2015 DepositPhotos coupon.

But the value doesn’t stop there.  Use those five free credits to browse DepositPhotos offerings, and see how you like their new site layout and world class image library.  Once you have browsed and explored for a bit, if you decide that you are interested in becoming a DepositPhotos customer, our coupon will give you 15% off of your first purchase.  And that includes subscription prices as well, meaning you can get all of the value of DepositPhotos at an unbeatable price.  For example, If you want to get a deal on their highest volume monthly package with the biggest savings, you can get 50 images a day for $297, or just $.20 per image.

These DepositPhotos 2015 coupon deals won’t last much longer, and with all of the great updates to their site, now is a better time to redeem your saving than ever.  Our five free credits will help you explore the new look and functionality of DepositPhotos, and our 15% off will help you capture all of that value at a price you won’t find anywhere else.

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4 Advantages of Using Cheap Stock Photos

Aug 20

With the increasing need for images around the internet, it is not a surprise that many cheap stock images websites are popping out one after another. Of course, creative folks have the option to purchase cheap stock photography or grab free photos from Google. While the latter may sound more pocket-friendly, there are certain legal issues that one may face upon doing so. Here are other reasons why you should use cheap stock photos instead of free images.

1) You can find stock photos cheap more easily and quickly.

find easily stock images

It may sound surprising if you are used to searching free images through search engines, but finding cheap stock images are, in fact, easier and faster. Why? They are ready for direct download. You have a choice between signing up for free membership and getting a single purchase. Whatever theme you need, you can easily search, buy and download them from a stock photo website.

2) You can select from a wide range of collection.

stock photo agencies

Unlike the images available in search engines, you have a broad selection of cheap stock images from stock photography sites. Millions of photos from artists all around the world are available in their libraries. You will surely be overwhelmed with the amount of choices you can get. In addition, these websites also have search bars, which may be easier to navigate than image searches. Since every website has its own collection, it is up to you to find one that suits your budget and your creative needs.

3) Your purchases images have licenses.

License your image

As mentioned above, cheap stock photos have licenses that protect you from legal implications. Having access to them gives you more freedom and protection in your creative projects. Every image you download from stock photo agencies has licenses that enclose you to the agencies’ terms and conditions. On the other hand, Google image search do not have these licenses and using them could cost you more than cheap stock images.

4) Purchasing stock photo cheap entitles you to membership benefits.

Membership Benefits

Did you know that purchasing images from cheap stock photo sites entitles you to membership benefits? Yes, and it is actually an advantage. Many of these websites offer daily or weekly free photos that are only accessible to registered members. Two of these websites are Shutterstock and iStock. Generally, memberships are free of charge. They do not require you pay for anything until you decide to purchase an image from their libraries.

You can get more from purchasing cheap stock photos from reputable websites. You can enjoy buying options that will allow you to purchase images within your budget. Many of these websites have flexible subscription plans and single-purchase options. It is up to you to get what best suits your creative needs.

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iRoot Apk Download Latest Version – One Click Root App

Aug 16

iRoot Apk: There are such a significant number of intriguing applications accessible for our cell phones and of all the applications, there are some helpful and fascinating multi-reason applications. Android has transformed into a crucial bit of our life and its hard now to attempt and imagine a presence without mobile phones. The best part about android phones is that we can adjust the phone like we wish and play around with it, however regardless of all that we defy various constraints while we endeavor to change the structure records and that is the place appending comes into use.

iRoot Apk Download Latest Version – One Click Root App

The Android stage has been intriguing a ton and it will give fun and amusement from various perspectives. To convey forward the fun and amusement with your android gadget notwithstanding for paid applications you have to pull the gadget so for that here we talk about the iRoot Apk take after the underneath article to get finish data in regards to the iroot application.

iRoot Android App (iroot.apk) Features:

  • 1) Easy Rooting: iRoot Android application lets you to root your Android gadget by a tap on your cell phone or tablet screen. This is by a long shot the simplest approach to root your gadget.
  • 2) App Recommendations: Once you wrap up your Android gadget with iRoot, it offers application proposals. All these suggested applications if utilized will enhance the execution of your cell phone or tablet.
  • 3) Internet Connection Required: Unlike Kingroot or Framaroot, iRoot requires web association with root your Android gadget. In this way, subsequent to introducing the iroot.apk in your gadget, you should empower web association before utilizing it for establishing your gadget.
  • 4) No Data Loss: If you are utilizing iRoot android application for establishing your cell phone or tablet, you won’t need to stress over the loss of information on the grounds that the establishing technique including iRoot.apk isn’t an information misfortune process.

iRoot Apk enables you to root your Android gadget and PC best UI when contrasted with other establishing applications like Kingroot, Towel root and so on. Utilizing iRoot you can pick up turn into the supervisor for your gadget programming with which you can alter applications, introduce or uninstall inbuilt applications, erase advertisements showed on your gadget screen and significantly more.

iRoot can perform better for every one of the activities expressed here than some other established applications. It can even deal with your gadget by including the best recuperation choice for your information. Audits given the clients stamped 95% achievement rate for iRoot and guests can even look at the surveys to get a reasonable thought.

Establishing an Android telephone can open your handset maximum capacity and increment the speed and battery life. You likewise access the free remote tying choices for reinforcements. iRoot applications are outlined by an iRoot group which gives the attaching to all Android gadgets with various Android forms.

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4 Tips for Using Shutterstock in Finding Cheap Stock Photos

Mar 23

What stock photo agency are you using to find cheap stock photos? Are you subscribed to Shutterstock? Shutterstock is a global technology company with the largest marketplace for creative professionals. With over 55 million stock images, you will surely find everything you need to complete your creative projects. The website updates its library everyday with an average of 400,000 new stock images per week. It also offers images on demand and subscription plans suitable for every budget. Here are a few tips on how to find cheap stock images using Shutterstock.


  1. Watch out for recommendations.
    Shutterstock has sweet ways of recommending photos related to your searches. Throughout the website, you can see discovery paths like “Similar Images”, “Same Model”, and “Related Searches”. You can also as easily click on the name of the contributor to take a look at more of his or her work. If you become a member of Shutterstock, you will find a “Featured Lightboxes” section when you log in. This section gives you a dynamic selection of curated images.
  1. Modify your search order.
    Do you get thousands of results when you search for a keyword? You can narrow it down by being more specific. You can also use the tabs at the top of your search results to arrange it in different order.
  1. Try out Spectrum and Instant search tools.
    Shutterstock features Shutterstock Labs where you can find new tools for exploring the stock agency’s website. If you want to fill your screen with photos as you type, you can choose Instant. If you want images to appear by color, you can try Spectrum. With these search tools, you will be able to extract marvelous finds.
  1. Use the advanced search tool.
    Shutterstock’s search engine gives you the opportunity to find images by default. You can find cheap stock photos in horizontal or vertical. You can also choose between photo and illustration. When you perform your search, you can easily change the settings to whatever you’re interested in. it will only take seconds for you to get the images that best describe your core message,


If you are looking for images that are good for your blog, website or brand campaign, Shutterstock is one of the best stock photo agencies to find cheap stock photos that don’t suck. The website is more than just a pool of beautiful photos. Many professionals also use the global technology company to find icons, maps, textures, backgrounds, flags, video clips, and many more. You may spend your time looking for images over the Internet, but you will surely find what you are looking for in Shutterstock. Its photo library has helped more people in finding non-sucky pictures for over a decade.

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